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 Buy My Healing Online On Vimeo

This is a Collection of Quantum Healings and Activations that I produced on Vimeo. These are channeled Healings from the 6th dimension of Pure Light. You can buy them  and listen to them as many times as you feel guided to do so, they are very inexpensive and they bring enormous benefits such as:

- Alignment, restoration and purification of the chakras, body, mind and aura

- Removal of limiting energies, densities, negative feelings, anxieties, fears

- Sublimation and transformation of energies

- Installing of the Divine Energies in the body

- Revitalization of the cells, well-being and good health

- Gaining more energy

- Reducing fatigue and lethargy

- Opening your creativity, healing sacral and womb chakras

- Activating the divine love frequencies

- Healing DNA and the divine feminine and masculine energies within

- Harmonization of the body, mind, heart and soul

- Correction of the mind, lucidity and clarity

- Light Codes Activation from God, Yahweh and Angels

- Receiving the Divine Golden Rays and Rainbow Rays

- Spiritual gifts and Divine knowledge and much more.


Choose your favorite online healing session and just click on the link below:

Holy Fire Reiki Quantum Healing £35

Quantum Healing of the Heart Chakra £10


 Violet Flame Quantum Healing £10

Quantum Healing of the Angels £10

God's Healing Activation £10

Quantum Healing of the Womb £10

Quantum Healing for Prosperity £10

Quantum Healing of the Amygdalas - Trauma and dark memories £5

Yahwe's Healing of Addiction £5

Yahweh’s Healing of Addiction 

Master Healing of the Solar Plexus £50 

Healing of Narcissistic Abuse £20


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