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The Magical Cottage Book

This is my first Children's book called 'The Magical Cottage.' This is a joyful read about a magical place in the middle of the countryside.


This book inspires mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, yoga and gratitude for children.


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The Adventures of Puss Puss Book

This is the second book in the series which follows Puss Puss the adorable cat who lives in The Magical Cottage. Written by Simone Pitchon and inspired by a real cat and the English countryside. This is perfect a book for young children with beautiful illustrations by Maria Hinojosa. Come and join Puss Puss in her adventures

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Ho'oponopopno Prayer

You can now buy my Ho'oponopopno Prayer Flower Jar products by clicking on my online store. You can buy the items below and much more.

Ho'oponopopno Prayer Tote Bag
Ho'oponopopno Prayer Mug
Ho'oponopopno Prayer Coaster
Ho'oponopopno Prayer T-Shirt
Ho'oponopopno Prayer Cushion
Ho'oponopopno Prayer Bag

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