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A little about me

Hello and welcome to my webpage! I am Simone Pitchon. I am a Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, Certified Reiki Master, as well as Tantra, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. My star sign is Libra. I love our spiritual journey on this beautiful Earth and the learning lessons about our human development.

Through some challenges in my life I started my path in self-development and  healing about 10 years ago. I realized that it was my life purpose to pass on my knowledge and healing gifts to others. I have an enormous will to help others to transform their lives and bring the colours of the rainbow to the world.

I have felt the connection with God,  Yahweh, for all my life. For me there is no other feeling than to feel the Divine love presence over you. I have studied a lot and I have completed many courses about self-development, life improvement skills, life coaching, religions, meditation, Ho'oponopono, energy healing, crystal healing and Reiki. The Holy Fire Reiki changed my life completely. It is a very gentle, smooth, refined and loving energy from the Holy Spirit. You really feel the divine love vibration and powerful healing around you! I teach Reiki at all levels and Angelic Healing Courses.  I created  the unique modality of face massage using Reiki. I  also created Reiki Yoga, which are yoga classes with the support of Reiki energies. I do Tarot and Oracle Card Readings too. 

I really want to pass the Divine energies and sacred knowledge on to heal people, to help them to connect to their higher selves, and their divinity, to spread the purity of the divine love and joy, to lead people into a truly fulfilled and wonderful life, healthier, whole and happier. I wish everyone to truly enjoy life! Wishing you much love! 

Please click here to see what my clients are saying about my work.

I am certified by the UK Reiki Federation membership number: 7586F (See information here). I am also fully insured by Balens Limited.


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