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Holy Fire Reiki Session

Reiki is a fantastic way to improve so many areas of your life. It treats your entire body, mind, heart, chakras, Aura and soul. It will give you great energy, vitality and great emotional balance. It helps you to relax and unwind. It offers you greater clarity and empowers you in your life path. It helps to cure diseases and reduce anxiety and pain. It heals you in a deep level. It corrects the mind by the virtue of God and brings light to the spiritual body. It is great for all ages, pregnant women, babies, adolescents, children.

The treatment -  You will lay down fully clothed. I first start with a guided healing meditation to relax your body and thoughts, then I scan your energy field by passing my hands gently above the surface of your body, noticing any sensations or imbalances. I will  place my hands on or near your body, around the head, shoulders, stomach, legs, knees and feet. You may experience the energy as heat, cold, tingling, pressure, heaviness, lightness, etc. The Holy Fire Reiki energy flows from my hands into you, to your body, Chakras and Aura. I work with the most pure energy of The Most High, Yahweh. I also use crystals, sound healing, and smudging. The Spiritual Guides that I work with are Yeshua (Jesus), Mary Magdalene, Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Saint Theresa of Roses, the Sisterhood of the Roses, The Apaches, White Feathers, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Pleiadians and other Higher Light Masters. This is a very refined and pure energy healing.  After the session I will give you my intuitive feedback, messages and guidance of my clairvoyance and clairsentience skills.  This Session is also held Online.

1 hour session - £65

Face Massage with Reiki
This is a very indulgent session where I will be working with an intuitive face massage to boost the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, the temples and past life chakras behind the ears, combining with Holy Reiki Energy. You will be having Vitamin C face scrub to clear your face before the treatment, if you feel guided to do so. Then I place cleansing water and Lavender Oil on your face doing the light movements on your face. The Session brings calmness, alignment of energies, relaxation for the muscles of the face and adjusting the energies on the four senses and chakras.
40 min session - £35
You can also combine the face massage session with full body Holy Fire Reiki -  £100
Quantum Healing Sessions With Rainbow Reiki
This is a more evolved session with a more complex system of healing. It is a more powerful way of healing with the support of the Rainbow Reiki Rays. It is a combination of the power of Yahweh, Holy Fire Reiki, The Fire of the Holy Spirit,  the Angelic Rainbow Rays of Light, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Chamuel. I then use the Aura Rainbow Quartz Crystals and the very exquisite Watermelon Tourmaline Crystals. I use Sacred Mantras and Quantum Healing which is the Healing of Light. This healing is from the 6th dimension. It brings balance of all chakras, deep restoration of the Aura, the electromagnetic field, restoration and rejuvenation of tissues, cells and DNA. This session is usually for Healers or Reiki Masters, but anyone can have this treatment, if you are in need of a deep healing.  
1 hour session - £75

Meditation Sessions

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect, relax, heal, recharge the energies with a beautiful Meditation session. You can choose the meditation type: Chakras Healing, Violet Flame, Relaxation, Angelic Meditation.

Science-Based Benefits of Meditation:

- Reduces stress and fatigue
- Reduces symptoms of anxiety, mental disorders, such as phobias, social anxiety, negative thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and panic attacks
- Promotes Emotional Health
- Helps you develop a stronger understanding of yourself

- Helps you grow into your best self
- Helps to increase the strength and endurance of your focus and concentration
- Improves attention and clarity of thinking
- Increases kindness, positive feelings and good actions towards yourself and others
- Improves physical health by reducing strain on the heart.


This session is about 30 minutes - £25

Reiki YOGA

This is my own method of teaching yoga. During the yoga class I activate the client with Holy Fire Reiki Energies while performing the physical  exercises. In the class we start with the alignment meditation, then we perform Warm Up Chakras exercises, to restore and balance the energies,   then we perform the Asanas (yoga postures). In the end we perform Shavasana, the relaxation meditation, with Reiki energies.

The class is one hour and it is £35

Tarot and Oracle Cards Reading Session

This is a very especial session where I use the energy of the Cards, Tarot and Oracle Cards, to obtain important, reliable, exciting information and guidance for you using this wonderful divination system.

There's so much valid advice, higher learning, guidance, directions, healing and fun about this way of connecting to the Akashic Records and Universal energies.

The session is 40 minutes - £35

Tantra Classes

Tantra is a 5.000 year old Hindu Science of enlightenment. This is a very beautiful opportunity of growth in spirituality, awareness and consciousness. It is about higher ways of living, gathering knowledge and inspiration. Tantra principles really make a person more wise, in tune with the self, the romantic partner and the universe, it brings more alignment with the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies Inside you.
It  leads us into a more consistent, colorful and joyful life experiences.
We will be doing and learning:

-  Art of Meditation
- Discussing Chakras and Energy
- Warm up Chakras Exercise to balance, align and restore the energy centres
- Breathing Exercises - Pranayamas
- Yoga Poses - Asanas
- Relaxation Exercise - Shavasana
- Health and Hygiene
- Sacred Sexuality and ritual of purification leading to Hieros Gamos - Sacred Union of the Beloveds. Note: I don't do any Tantric massage. I only teach the principles of purity of mind, body and soul.

 It is one hour and a half - £35. You can also have the Class Online.

Also I combine Tantra Session and then Healing Session with Holy Fire Reiki -  £100 both, which is a wonderful way to gather both experiences in one session. Many clients of mine prefer this combination modality.

Master Healing  of the Sacral Chakra - Clearing Cords

The Sacral Chakra energy brings the energies of your work, creativity, fertility, talents, gifts, skills, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, kundakini, relationships, emotions, family and divine co-creation.

I will be working with you in this Master Healing Session to clear the negative cords and blockages towards sexuality and kundalini energy, cleaning abuse, shame, guilt, dysfunctional modes and thinking patterns, emotional and psychological cords, limitations and conditioning from ancestral lineage in the DNA, past-lives, parents and social interferences, wounds from inner child, unkindness to the body, negative feminine and masculine energies inside of the body. This is a full modality and type of healing, covering all aspects of the Sacral Chakra energies. It sets you free energetically, so you can live your life with more joy, happiness, sensuality, with an open heart,coming back to your true Divine Essence and blue print. This treatment is done with the support of the Holy Fire Reiki Healing Energies.

1 hour session - £75

Self Love Session with Reiki and Archangel Chamuel


This is a beautiful self-love, self-care Healing Session with pure attention to yourself, your body, your inner feelings and emotions. It is a Divine Quantum  Healing of the Heart Space, and connection to your True Love 💕Energy. It is a creation of a compassionate space and awareness of your self-love.
This Session is a beautiful reminder that you are love,  you are totally worthy of love and you are more than enough.
It is an activation of the pure love Divine particles in your cells and DNA, so you can be immersed in divine love frequency and the higher love vibrations in all aspects of the self.


I use all the rose pink crystals, Aura quartz, the unique pink agate and truly exquisite watermelon tourmaline crystals. And tuning fork 528hz. ❤️

This Love Healing Session brings huge benefits for you physically, mentality, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. And it is done with the support of the Holy Fire Reiki Healing Energies. The support of the divine mother Shekinah ✨ and the Sisterhood of the Roses 🌹 and the beloved Archangel Chamuel, the the flame  of Divine Love. This session brings you energies of unconditional love, forgiveness, nourishment of the body and soul, self-acceptance, purification of the heart, purity, innocence, a sense of lightness and flotation. I will literally pour all of my love and divine love essence on you. It is very warm hearted 💗


1 hour session - £66

Activation of your Soul Mate Healing Session

This is a Love Connection Activation Session to your Divine Counterpart, your Holy Grail  🏆 Counterpart.
It is a Healing time for your Heart Chakra and expansion of your awareness towards your Soul Mate. Balancing your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies inside, in the chakras and heart, raising your vibration and aligning your energies with the energies of true Divine Love Unity.
I will be guiding you in creating a connection mentally and emotionally and adjusting your frequencies in order to match his/her love vibration. This session brings inner discoveries, inner acceptance, healing of the past heart wounds, magic and romance. It brings you the benefits as heart openness, softness,  balance of your mind and emotions and spiritual growth, Divine love codes. It includes a love guided meditation and it is held with the Support of the Holy Fire Reiki Energies.

1 hour session - £66

DNA Activation Session

DNA 🧬 cleansing and purification Session has a massive impact in our quality of life. Many negative traits and dark aspects in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are so deeply rooted inside of us, stored in the cells, and DNA that brings to our life some energetic blockages. These heavy energetic blockages  lead us  to all kind of diseases, suffering and pain. Basically, the cells desire more divine light to live longer. When we are ill or depressed, our light waves are out of sync.

The DNA Activation Session aims to transform and restore the DNA back into its Divine blueprint, bringing more light into the cells, resulting in more health  in the body, chakras, Aura, more longevity, restoration and rejuvenation. It helps in anti-aging as well.

The Session is based on a meditation that clears family lineage, mother and father lines, with the help and assistance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters and the Holy Fire Reiki to infuse more White Light, Divine Light of Yahweh into the DNA 🧬, cells of the body, internal organs, muscles, blood, bones and tissues.

The benefits of this session is to bring lightness and well-being, to bring back and restore the connection to light. When you are in contact with the light of God, Prime Source Creator, the body becomes lighter, the heart becomes lighter. This healing modality is for everyone who wants more health, vitality, and lightness but I especially recommend it to women who want to have a baby and want to prepare their body, send more light into the cells for having a stronger body for a wholesome pregnancy.

1 hour session - £75

SACRED Pregnancy Course

The messages that I am receiving from Mother Father God, the Divine Love Source is "Let's HEAL the mothers,  The Source of Life. Let's bring Showers of Light to this world, creating Divine Beings (Babies) full of light, purity, protection, with balanced energies: The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine United. This is the most complete class that I have ever produced in my years of Healing. I will be working with all the tools God has presented to me until now: Meditation, Yoga 🧘‍♀️, Chakras Balancing, Crystal Healing, Holy Fire Reiki, Affirmations, Chanting Sacred Mantras, Angelic Healing, Holding Energetic Space, DNA 🧬 Activation, Ancestral Healing. This Course is for you who are planning on to have a baby, for you who are already pregnant and for you who already have a baby. All welcome!

In This Class we will be working on:

* Chakras Warm up Exercises to balance and align the Energy Centres in the body.

*Yoga Poses: 1.Sukhasana (Buddha/Easy Pose) for cleansing Root and Sacral Chakras, 2. Prarthanasa (Anahata Heart Prayer Pose) activation of the Heart Chakra, 3. Bradasana activation of the Root Chakra, womb, enhancing fertility, cleansing ovaries, leading to an easy child birth.

* Rituals of Purification of the Yoni (vagina/ vaginal channel) and the Womb (Holy Grail), performing DNA Activation Meditation for healing the mother/father ancestral lines (trauma, fears), heal the body's energy and the baby. Note that if you are a mother already, we will be using the REIKI Distant Symbol to heal the Past time lines. This is before pregnancy, during and after it as well. This is truly an act of unconditional love, to hold the Sacred Space (womb) for the baby, enabling it to be full of light and strength, for the baby, creating a solid and loving energy foundation.

*Preparing an Altar, a sacred place for Meditation, Affirmations, Chanting  to connect to the Soul of the Baby, to get to know the sex, names, food, music that she/he likes, to activate crystals, send Angelic Healing and be fully connected with the baby. Creating a beautiful space for love, health, joy and divine communication with the Soul of the baby.

*Reiki Healing Session in the end of the Class to Heal, to Seal the Energies of the mother and baby, to protect the Aura, energetic field of the mother and baby, for Chakras alignment, balancing, harmonizing all the energies.

I am really looking forward to sharing this with you. Moments of sacredness, purity, Divine learning and blessings, love, light, calmness and joy.

 4 hours - £155

Healing the Womb Session

This a wonderful Healing Session for all the beautiful Divine Feminines. There is a deep place of connection for us women to consider. This place is the Womb. This is a transformational healing session, a sacred healing opportunity to restore your Divine Feminine Energy in the Womb Chakra, to acknowledge the Holy Grail.
Having a womb is one of the fundamental things that make us women, the “womb-men”.
This is not just about the physical organ, it is the womb as a spiritual energy centre of love and divine creation.
The Womb is perhaps our deepest spiritual centre and many of us have never consciously
connected with it. It’s a part of us that carries immense power, creation and manifestation, yet it’s a very wounded or forgotten place, a place we don’t habitually connect.

This session brings a huge benefit for you physically, emotionally and spiritually. It brings nurture, creation,  beauty, divine awareness and love for the self.
It is done with the support of the Holy Fire Reiki Healing Energy.

1 hour session - £75

Soul Healing Session

This is a wonderful Healing Session for life improvement. An incredible restoration for the body,
chakras system, Aura and the Soul. It cleanses blockages in the soul, past life traumas, ancestral traumas and blockages that are holding you back. This session clears, restores and  seals the energy of your soul. It is done with the support of the Holy Fire Reiki, Crystal Healing and Sound Healing.

1 hour session - £66

Aura Repair Session

From time to time, our Aura needs some cleansing, some healing and purification. We may give too much energy away, or some people might take our energy knowingly or unknowingly, we might have some interferences in our electromagnetic field, like holes and grey vibrations and grey cords in the Aura. So this session helps a lot to rebuild the Aura and take away some debris, removing any negativity and dark spots in the Aura, it removes  lower frequencies and lower vibrations.

This session includes a very powerful Aura Repair meditation and it is held with the support of the Holy Fire Reiki that showers the Aura with Divine light and grace, giving the Aura its natural sparkles and shimmering lights.

1 hour session - £66

Angelic Healing Session

This is a very powerful Healing Session where I work with the Angels and Archangels 😇 for the highest good, highest healing and love.
The benefits of Angelic Energy Healing is that it works in a multi-dimensional level:
physical, mental, psychological,  emotional, spiritual and ethereal.
Angelic Energy Healing helps you feel healthier and lighter. It helps you minimize physical and emotional pain. It helps you regain focus and clarity. Through The Angelic Pillars of Light, you allow the Divine  Angelic light to flow through you and become more connected to God. As more light flows through, it clears the mental clutter. It also helps you release Karmic Debts. When you have bad karma around you, your energy may get trapped. Such interruptions to the flow of energy may express themselves in a variety of forms: you may feel irritated, depressed, frustrated, or it may even take the form of a major physical or emotional problem. Angelic Healing helps you to feel empowered and helps you to release stress mentally and emotionally. Angelic Healing helps you with creativity and easy flow. The Angels that I work with: Jophiel, Merriel, Christiel, Raphael, Hanniel, Uriel, Metatron, Sachiel, Nathaniel, Ariel and more assist you to unleash your creativity, power, bliss, balance, clarity, lucidity and inner sparkle.

After an Angelic Healing session, you feel a sense of calm and contentment, like in a floating state and an absence of any rush to get anywhere. You feel at peace with your inner self, and in a very deep emotional balance. A restoration of harmony within. The Angelic healing frequency will help your spirit to be in a higher level. This is an essential healing session if you seek greater truth and love. If you want to find your life’s purpose, or if you need to be at peace with yourself. One of my favorite sessions.

1 hour session - £66

Angelic Healing Course

This is a beautiful opportunity to learn more about the Angels and Archangels, and the virtues of  the Divine Helpers. It is a wonderful Class of connection, healing, rituals and discoveries. We will go through The Angels Book and study 12 Angels.
We will be studying the best rituals, tools, crystals, herbs, sacred symbols, essential oils, sounds,  and prayers to perform in different situations in life, and which Angel to ask for help, because every Angel has a specificity and different skills. As if every Angel has a different MBA. So if you know what Angel to call upon for a specific situation it will be a much more precise and stronger assistance.

This Class  contains an Angelic Healing Meditation and Reiki Energy Healing in the end. The book of the Angels is provided. The Cost is £110 (11 is the Angel Master Number of Service). Looking forward to sharing this amazing knowledge and extraordinary healing experience with you.


Holy Fire Reiki Level I Course

We will be learning:

- Warm up Chakras exercises to balance and align the energies
- The Story and the Lineage of Reiki, The Reiki Masters
- Cleansing Ritual and Preparation of a Reiki Session
- The Pillars of Reiki
- Healing the body, Chakras and Aura

- Meditation of the Ocean of the Holy Love for purification of the body and chakras system to prepare the body to receive the Holy Fire Reiki Ignition
- Meditation, the  Attunement or Placement of the Holy Fire Reiki Energy (you will be guided by me)

- Learn the Reiki hands positions
- Practice  of the Holy Fire Reiki

The Course has two parts, the first part is Theoretical and the second part is Practical.
It enables the student to place Reiki on themselves, family members, plants, water, food, animals and environment.
Being surrounded with the beautiful Healing Energy of Reiki for life.

The Course lasts 5 hours or so and the student needs the Reiki Guide Book: REIKI, The Healing Touch by William Rand Lee. In the end you obtain the Holy Fire Reiki Certificate. The cost is £155 because it is done with one student at time. I don't work with groups. So the student have full attention, guidance and specific knowledge by The Reiki Master.

Holy Fire Reiki Level II  Course

We will be learning:

- Warm up Physical Exercises for the Chakras
- Cleansing Ritual and Preparation for a Reiki Session
- Learning about the Essence of Reiki and all about Holy Fire Reiki II
- Scientific basis for Reiki healing
- History and background of Reiki and the Reiki Ideals
- Meditation Attunement or Placement of the Reiki 2 Energy (you will be guided by me)
- Learning the 3 Reiki Symbols
- Practice of Reiki
- How to perform Reiki on yourself and others
- How to create a sacred space for practicing Reiki
- How to have a Reiki Business

The Course has two parts, the first part is theoretical and the second part is practical.
It enables the student to place Reiki on themselves, and others, friends family members, plants, food and water, animals and environment.
Being surrounded with the beautiful Healing Energy of Reiki 2 for life. The energies in this course are much stronger than the course 1

The Course lasts about 5 hours and the student needs the Reiki Guide Book: REIKI, The Healing Touch by William Rand Lee. In the end you receive the Holy Fire  Reiki II Certificate. The class is only the student and me. So you will gain full information, guidance and practice with me. The cost is £165

Holy Fire Reiki Master Course (3 days )

Reiki ART, Master/Teacher Holy Fire III Day 1:

The Steps:

  - Opening Meditation
  - What it means to be a Reiki Master
  - Definition of Soul, Spirit and Three Heavens
  - Healing in the River of Life Experience Meditation
  - Reiki values and ideals
  - The Reiki Master Symbol
  - Pre-Ignition of the Holy Fire Energy
  - Advanced Reiki Healing Techniques
  - How to use  Crystals and Crystal Grid for World Peace
  - Practice of Reiki
  - Moving Meditation with the Master Symbol
  - Closing Meditation    

Reiki ART, Master/Teacher Holy Fire III Day 2:

  - Opening Mediation
  - Review of the History of Reiki
  - The Essence of Reiki
  - The Holy Fire Reiki Symbol, the sith symbol
  - Holy Fire Master Ignition
  - Practice of Reiki
  - The Holy Fire Healing Experience
  - Closing Meditation

Reiki ART, Master/Teacher Holy Fire III Day 3:
  - Holy Fire Ignition II
  - Values of a Reiki Master
  - Healing Fire Ignition
  - Holy Fire Symbol Meditation
  - Healing Spirit attachments
  - How to perform Attunements, Placements and Ignitions
  - Holy Love Experience
  - How to perform Ignition on yourself
  - Codes of Ethics
  - How to Create a Reiki Class
  - Handling Certificate
  - Closing Meditation
The course enables you to teach Reiki and have a business practice. It is a 3 days course. You need the Reiki Guide Book: Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Manual
by William Lee Rand.  The price is £450

I also do Distant Healing Sessions via  Whatsapp or Facetime.

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